fsharpConf for Ukrainian defence

We are partnering with Dzyga's Paw, a Ukrainian charity run by a former .NET developer Dimko Zhluktenko to raise funds for drones for Ukrainian defence. Help us raise $5,000 for Ukraine at the dedicated fsharpConf fundraiser page hosted by Dzyga's Paw!


Watch the videos from fsharpConf 2023!

fsharpConf took place on 26 June 2023 - the live streaming of the fourth year of fsharpConf, a free virtual event featuring world-class F# experts across the globe supported by the F# Software Foundation and the .NET team at Microsoft.

It showed F# in action on a wide range of practical applications. For updates, follow @fsharpconf or @fsharpconf@mastodon.social.

All videos are now available on the .NET YouTube

fsharpConf for Ukraine

Help us raise funds for Dzyga's Paw

08:55 EDT 05:55 PST
14:55 CEST

Welcome to fsharpConf!

fsharpConf organizers

09:00 EDT 06:00 PST
15:00 CEST

.NET Languages PM and Friends Talk About F#

Kathleen Dollard, Vlad Zarytovskii, & Chet Husk

09:30 EDT 06:30 PST
15:30 CEST

Scientific Computing with F#

John Azariah

10:00 EDT 07:00 PST
16:00 CEST

Discussion: Are Free Monads Really Free?

Mark Seemann with Tomas Petricek

10:30 EDT 07:30 PST
16:30 CEST

A Whirlwind Tour of Creating an F# Version of the Classic Wolfenstein 3D

James Randall

11:00 EDT 08:00 PST
17:00 CEST

Amplifying F#

Edgar Gonzalez, David Schaefer, Jimmy Byrd & Florian Verdonck

11:30 EDT 08:30 PST
17:30 CEST

Fable.Form: Unlock your Forms Super Powers

Maxime Mangel

12:00 EDT 09:00 PST
18:00 CEST

Handling a Complex Domain with Readable Code

Lars Furu Kjelsaas

12:30 EDT 09:30 PST
18:30 CEST

Ubiquitous F# in Contextive, the Ubiquitous Language Tool

Christopher Simon

fsharpConf for Ukraine

Help us raise funds for Dzyga's Paw

13:00 EDT 10:00 PST
19:00 CEST

From .NET to Dzyga's Paw

Dimko Zhluktenko

13:15 EDT 10:15 PST
19:15 CEST

Don Syme Live at fsharpConf 2023

Don Syme

13:30 EDT 10:30 PST
19:30 CEST

FSharp.­Data.­Adaptive - Taming Mutation

Georg Haaser

14:00 EDT 11:00 PST
20:00 CEST

My Leap from R to F#

Beth Milhollin

14:30 EDT 11:30 PST
20:30 CEST

Building Darklang in F#

Paul Biggar

15:00 EDT 12:00 PST
21:00 CEST

City as a Function

PaweĊ‚ Stadnicki

15:30 EDT 12:30 PST
21:30 CEST

News From the dotnet/fsharp Repository

Vlad Zarytovskii, Petr Pokorny, Petr Semkin, Adam Boniecki, Tomas Grosup

About F# and fsharpConf

F# is an open-source, cross-platform, functional first programming language. F# makes it easy to solve complex problems with simple code. It integrates smoothly with existing .NET code bases. And... it makes coding fun again!

F# has an active open-source community building on a wide range of tools for web programming, data analytics, testing, cloud computing and much more. At fsharpConf, we want to bring some of the community together in a single-day online event!

The fsharpConf conference is organized by the F# community and supported by the F# Software Foundation. The event is the fourth edition, following a successful fsharpConf in 2018, 2016 and 2020. It was originally inspired by dotNetConf and we are excited to be continuing this great tradition of virtual events, and we are proud to have started it before it was cool!

Recordings from previous editions

Can't wait for this awesome new content? Check out the great talks that we recorded at fsharpConf 2016, fsharpConf 2018 and fsharpConf 2020 covering the SAFE stack, quantum computing, F# type providers, distributed computing with F#, the geometry of Abu Dhabi Louvre and much more!

The fsharpConf team

Thanks to Gien, Roman & Roman for making the fsharpConf 2020 a reality, to Lena, Phillip, Seth, Golnaz and David for making fsharpConf 2018 and fsharpConf 2016 happen and to the dotNetConf team for an inspiration. Thank you to everyone who said nice things about the first three editions of fsharpConf and motivated us to do it again!