Welcome to fsharpConf 2016!

On March 4th 2016, we organized the live streaming of the first year of fsharpConf, a free virtual event supported by the F# Software Foundation featuring world-class F# experts across the globe. The talks showed F# in action on a wide range of practical applications.

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Thanks everyone for joining the live event. To stay in touch, follow us at @fsharpconf!

This one-day event will featured 15 sessions covering web development, microservice architecture, running F# in cross-platform ecosystems, data science, software testing and much more!

Conference Agenda

08:30 PST (16:30 GMT)

Welcome to fsharpConf

Don Syme and Tomas Petricek

09:00 PST (17:00 GMT)

The F#orce Awakens

Evelina Gabasova

09:45 PST (17:45 GMT)

Patterns and Practices for Real-World Event-Driven Microservices

Rachel Reese

10:30 PST (18:30 GMT)

DEMO: Fun and Games with F#

Sean Trelford with Phil Trelford

11:00 PST (19:00 GMT)

The 3D Geometry of Louvre Abu Dhabi

Goswin Rothenthal

11:45 PST (19:45 GMT)

Types + Properties = Software

Mark Seemann

12:30 PST (20:30 GMT)

DEMO: Ionide & Cross-platform F# Tools

Krzysztof Cieślak

13:00 PST (21:00 GMT)

F# Microservices with Logging, Tracing and More on Docker

Henrik Feldt

13:45 PST (21:45 GMT)

Web UI Automation with F# and canopy

Chris Holt

14:30 PST (22:30 GMT)

INTERVIEW: Using F# at Jet.com

Rachel Reese

15:00 PST (23:00 GMT)

Android Watch Gesture Recognition with Functional State Machines

Faisal Waris

15:45 PST (23:45 GMT)

Cassandra, Docker and F# Awesomeness

Alena Hall

16:30 PST (00:30 GMT)

INTERVIEW: F# Community in Japan

Yukitoshi Suzuki

17:00 PST (01:00 GMT)

A Boardgame Night with Geeks

Felienne Hermans

17:45 PST (01:45 GMT)

Q&A with the F# Team and Community

David Stephens and Tomas Petricek

In the schedule, PST is the time in Seattle, Washington (Pacific Standard Time) and GMT is the time in London, UK (Greenwich Mean Time).

Starting time for other places in the world is New York 11:30 (PST+3), continental Europe 17:30 (GMT+1), New Delhi 22:00 (GMT+5:30) Tokyo 1:30 (GMT+9). Sydney 3:30 (GMT+11). If you need to sleep, don't worry, the talks will be recorded :-).

About F# and fsharpConf

F# is an open-source, cross-platform, functional first programming language. F# makes it easy to solve complex problems with simple code. It integrates smoothly with existing .NET code bases. And... it makes coding fun again!

F# has an active open-source community building on a wide range of tools for web programming, data analytics, testing, cloud computing and much more. At fsharpConf, we want to bring some of the community together in a single-day online event!

The fsharpConf conference is organized by the F# community and is supported by the F# Software Foundation. The event is inspired by dotNetConf and we're excited to be collaborating with creators of dotNetConf on putting together a virtual event with the F# focus! You can watch dotNetConf 2015 recordings on Channel 9.

Making the Case for Using F#

Can't wait for this awesome new content? Check out an introductory video that Seth Juarez did with Tomas Petricek last summer. This is where the idea of fsharpConf was conceived!

The fsharpConf Team

Do you have any suggestions, feedback or a talk idea? Please let us know! Tweet us at @fsharpconf, use the #fsharpconf hash tag or drop us an email.

Thanks to the dotNetConf team for an inspiration and for letting us use their neat design and thanks to the F# Software Foundation for supporting fsharpConf!

The fsharpConf Partners

Thanks to our amazing partners for making fsharpConf possible!