Welcome to fsharpConf 2018!

Join us online on April 16th 2018 for the live streaming of the second year of fsharpConf, a free virtual event featuring world-class F# experts across the globe. You will see F# in action on a wide range of practical applications.

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This one-day event will feature 9 talks covering web development, mobile development, machine learning, cloud computing, game development and even quantum computing!

For live Q&A, tweet us at @fsharpconf or use the #fsharpconf hash tag!

Conference Agenda

08:30 PDT (16:30 BST)

Welcome to fsharpConf

Don Syme and Tomas Petricek

09:00 PDT (17:00 BST)

Concurrent programming with F#

Tamizh Vendan

09:45 PDT (17:45 BST)

The curious case of Freya, Suave and Giraffe: Reducing risks in picking a new tech

Gien Verschatse

10:30 PDT (18:30 BST)

INTERVIEW: The astounding fable of Fable

Alfonso Garcia-Caro

11:00 PDT (19:00 BST)

Building mobile apps using Xamarin and F#

Jim Bennett

11:45 PDT (19:45 BST)

How to look like a statistician: a developer's guide to probabilistic programming

Evelina Gabasova

12:30 PDT (20:30 BST)

INTERVIEW: A journey from learning F# to contributing to the compiler

Ody Mbegbu

13:00 PDT (21:00 BST)

Distributed tracing, lessons learned

Gina Marie Maini

13:45 PDT (21:45 BST)

F# from the trenches

Vincent Labrecque

14:30 PDT (22:30 BST)

DEMO: Describing the world to visually impaired with F# and Cognitive Services

Edgar Sánchez

15:00 PDT (23:00 BST)

A tale of two languages: F# & Q#

John Azariah

15:45 PDT (23:45 BST)

The SAFE Stack:
Rapid full stack F# development

Jeremy Abbott

16:30 PDT (00:30 BST)

INTERVIEW: Ask us anything about the F# Software Foundation

Reed Copsey, Jr.

17:00 PDT (01:00 BST)

A bit of Foom &
F# and hardware intrinsics in CoreCLR

Will Smith and Tanner Gooding

17:45 PDT (01:45 BST)

Q&A with the F# team at Microsoft

Phillip Carter, Will Smith and Kevin Ransom

In the schedule, PDT is the time in Seattle, Washington (Pacific Daylight Time) and BST is the time in London, UK (British Summer Time).

Starting time for other places in the world is New York 11:30 (PDT+3), continental Europe 17:30 (BST+1), New Delhi 21:00 (BST+4:30) Tokyo 0:30 (BST+8). Sydney 1:30 (BST+10). If you need to sleep, don't worry, the talks will be recorded :-).

About F# and fsharpConf

F# is an open-source, cross-platform, functional first programming language. F# makes it easy to solve complex problems with simple code. It integrates smoothly with existing .NET code bases. And... it makes coding fun again!

F# has an active open-source community building on a wide range of tools for web programming, data analytics, testing, cloud computing and much more. At fsharpConf, we want to bring some of the community together in a single-day online event!

The fsharpConf conference is organized by the F# community. The event is the second edition, following a successful fsharpConf in 2016. It was originally inspired by dotNetConf and we are excited to be collaborating with the Channel 9 team to continue this great tradition!

Recordings from fsharpConf 2016

Can't wait for this awesome new content? Check out the great talks that we recorded two years ago at fsharpConf 2016 covering Docker, types and tests, the geometry of Abu Dhabi Louvre and much more!

The fsharpConf team

Do you have any suggestions, feedback or a talk idea? Please let us know! Tweet us at @fsharpconf, use the #fsharpconf hash tag or drop us an email.

Thanks to Seth, Golnaz and David for making fsharpConf 2016 happen and to the dotNetConf team for an inspiration. Thank you to everyone in the F# community who said nice things about the first edition of fsharpConf and motivated us to do it again!