Welcome to fsharpConf 2020!

Join us online on June 5th 2020 for the live streaming of the third year of fsharpConf, a free virtual event organized by @fsharponline featuring world-class F# experts across the globe. You will see F# in action on a wide range of practical applications.

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The conference is now over. Thanks to all attendees and speakers! We will be publishing recordings of inidividual talks in the next few days or weeks. Follow @fsharponline for more virtual F# talks!

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Dear FSharpers,
We have been following the protests in the United States closely and it has affected us deeply. We are struggling to find the right words, and we don’t have any answers to offer. We are all reflecting on this in our own way as best as we can. We all agreed on one thing: holding FSharpConf without acknowledging the protests supporting Black people in the United States felt wrong. Please see our full statement on http://fsharpconf.com/BlackLivesMatter.

11:00 CEST 05:00 EDT
02:00 PDT

Welcome to fsharpConf 2020!

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11:05 CEST 05:05 EDT
02:05 PDT

Hedy: A gradual programming language for education

Felienne Hermans

11:45 CEST 05:45 EDT
02:45 PDT

Formatting F# source code

Florian Verdonck

12:30 CEST 06:30 EDT
03:30 PDT

When Korean Hackers Met F#

Sang Kil Cha & JongHyup Lee

13:00 CEST 07:00 EDT
04:00 PDT

Reflect on the current situation

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14:00 CEST 08:00 EDT
05:00 PDT

On Independence!

Don Syme

14:45 CEST 08:45 EDT
05:45 PDT

SAFE Stack – The Road Ahead

Isaac Abraham

15:00 CEST 09:00 EDT
06:00 PDT

Cloud Superpowers with Pulumi and F#

Mikhail Shilkov

15:30 CEST 09:30 EDT
06:30 PDT


Reflect on the current situation

15:45 CEST 09:45 EDT
06:45 PDT

F# Domain Modeling and Mathematical Planning

Matthew Crews

16:00 CEST 10:00 EDT
07:00 PDT

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17:00 CEST 11:00 EDT
08:00 PDT

Probabilistic Programming: The What, Why and How

Maria Gorinova

17:45 CEST 11:45 EDT
08:45 PDT

What is going on in F# Software Foundation

Reed Copsey, Jr.

18:15 CEST 12:15 EDT
09:15 PDT

Future of .NET

Immo Landwerth

18:30 CEST 12:30 EDT
09:30 PDT


Reflect on the current situation

18:45 CEST 12:45 EDT
09:45 PDT

How to build an F# Type Provider from scratch

Ody Mbegbu

19:00 CEST 13:00 EDT
10:00 PDT

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20:00 CEST 14:00 EDT
11:00 PDT

From Zero to F# Hero

James Randal

20:45 CEST 14:45 EDT
11:45 PDT

F# and Ham Radio

Marnee Dearman

21:30 CEST 15:30 EDT
12:30 PDT

Q&A with Phillip Carter from the F# team

Phillip Carter

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The starting time for other places in the world is London 9:45 (GMT+1), Moscow 11:45 (GMT+3), New Delhi 14:15 (GMT+5:30), Tokyo 17:45 (GMT+9), Sydney 19:45 (GMT+11).

If you need to sleep, don't worry, the talks will be recorded :-).

About F# and fsharpConf

F# is an open-source, cross-platform, functional first programming language. F# makes it easy to solve complex problems with simple code. It integrates smoothly with existing .NET code bases. And... it makes coding fun again!

F# has an active open-source community building on a wide range of tools for web programming, data analytics, testing, cloud computing and much more. At fsharpConf, we want to bring some of the community together in a single-day online event!

The fsharpConf conference is organized by the F# community. The event is the third edition, following a successful fsharpConf in 2018 and 2016. It was originally inspired by dotNetConf and we are excited to be continuing this great tradition of virtual events!

The fsharpConf team

The third instance of fsharpConf will be hosted by @fsharponline, a worldwide virtual F# meetup. Do you have any suggestions, feedback or a talk idea? Please let us know! Tweet us at @fsharponline, use the #fsharpconf hash tag or contact the organizers.

Thanks to Lena, Phillip, Seth, Golnaz and David for making fsharpConf 2018 and fsharpConf 2016 happen and to the dotNetConf team for an inspiration. Thank you to everyone who said nice things about the first two editions of fsharpConf and motivated us to do it again!

  • Tomas Petricek, Member of the F# community (@tomaspetricek)
  • Gien Verschatse, Member of the F# community (@selketjah)
  • Roman Sachse, Co-organizer of the F# online meetup (@R0MMSEN)
  • Roman Provaznik, Co-organizer of F# online, FSSF board member (@RProvaznik)