Dear FSharpers

We have been following the protests in the United States closely and it has affected us deeply.

We are struggling to find the right words, and we don’t have any answers to offer.

We are all reflecting on this in our own way as best as we can.

We all agreed on one thing: holding FSharpConf without acknowledging the protests supporting Black people in the United States felt wrong.

We decided to continue with the conference for now, but with a changed schedule.

  • We cancelled the entertainment during the breaks
  • We contacted the speakers personally, so there might be more changes to the schedule

Here are some things you can read during the breaks:

Racism is a global issue and is happening all over the world. If you are not from the United States, learn how racism is affecting your country.

Educate yourself, find your local charities that are actively battling racism and get involved.

Please consider supporting Black Lives Matter by donating to Black girls code (blackgirlscode.com)

Roman, Tomas, Roman and Gien